Dragon’S Blood Bubble BathTruffles

Dragon’S Blood Bubble BathTruffles

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Ever wondered what it's like to bathe like an ancient warrior?
Dragon's Blood is a wonderful unisex scent. Very earthy and a classic favorite. The scent often will remind people, myself included of ancient incense.


To use simply crumble scoop under running water and agitate to make bubbly fun. If you drop truffle directly in the bath you may not get the bubbling affect but not to worry you will still benefit from the luxurious ingredients.

Caution - Butters may make surfaces slippery, so be careful entering and exiting the tub.


NOTE: My Butter is for external use only. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs. Be aware of any allergies before use. I do not make any claims that my products will provide any medical benefits and they have not been approved by the FDA. Taj & Livi Inc.  is not responsible for any allergic reactions, please refer to ingredients listed.

Due to the handmade nature of my products, no two are identical. Please allow for variations in color and/or scent as compared to product listing photos and/or previous orders. Thank you for buying handmade!